10 Reasons To Work With Estata

10. You’ve seen our homes...  and it was love at first sight. While some homes are just cozy boring, there’s something about an Estata Home that is just exciting and sexy.  Our homes are well designed, bold and exude an energy to inspire you to entertain and invite guests over.


9. You’ve met our people.  No one wants to work with a builder with no personality.  Designing and building a home is a challenging and fun journey and you want to work with someone who knows how to bring some enjoyment to the process.


8. Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, so your homebuilder must be able to listen, approach problems from your perspective, without ego, be completely transparent in reporting costs and support you throughout the design build process.  


7. You’ll appreciate our talent for practical design.  We offer small solutions throughout the build process bring greater value to your project, such as installing USBs on your countertops so you can charge your phone in the kitchen, or putting LED lights where you never want to change light bulbs.  


6. Everyone loves a success story.  Ours started from small renovations and slowly earning referrals up to multi-million dollar estate homes. The ride has been exciting and every new project is another exciting opportunity to start from the bottom and work our way up.


5. Authenticity. Builders with honesty and integrity is cliche these days but what about authenticity, modesty and loyalty?  Our values show through the way we work for you.  You always get the frank answer, we can’t always do what you want and we won’t ever turn our back you on you after move in.


4.  Intelligence.  Building a home on-time, on-budget with all the bells and whistles requires a intellect to efficiently understand how it all fits together.


3.  We’re in tune with classic styles. Whether it be Mid century modern, west coast modern, modernist. We understand contemporary design and appreciate the nuances that translate your project. There’s a tremendous amount of craftsmanship between an idea and final home.


2. Relationships. Our goal is to get invited to your housewarming party.  We believe in building friendships and relationships that last past your move in date.  We keep our operation small and exclusive and we strive to be someone you can introduce to your pals and for you to feel prestige in being part of our ownership group.


1. You want to work with a builder that is confident.  Confidence is built from an accumulation of all the previous reasons in this list.  Confidence in our estimates, in our budgets, in our timelines, in our ability to deliver your project exactly as you envisioned.

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