In any infill project, the an older home must be torn down before a new home can be built. In rare cases a home can be salvaged and moved off site but a typical project involving home demolition can contribute up to 50 tonnes Of waste to landfills... That's a lot of waste.


Some recyclable materials with strong recycling support and infrastructure like metals, heavy timber, gypsum drywall and concrete can be salvaged during the demolition process. Would you throw out your old fridge in the stove or would you send it to a recycler?  Why not do the same for your furnace and electrical wiring. 


Deconstruction is a more labour-intensive process than demolition. After the removal of any hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead we hand disassemble the house and sort it out into its various construction materials. While the typical demolition process uses heavy machinery to knock down a building, completely destroying it during the process with deconstruction, we buildings are systematically taken apart allowing building materials to be kept intact and separated before carting it off to several recyclers. 


Deconstructing buildings drastically reduces waste and keeps it from ending in the landfill. So why don't more builders deconstruct vs. demolish?  


Well, there is always the cost factor.  Deconstructing costs 25-40% more when compared against straight demolition.


It also months to complete vs days...however...You can deconstruct a home during the time your building permit is being reviewed.  The City will usually grant you a permit to start deconstruction before your building permit gets its final approval, so with careful scheduling, your project timeline will only be slightly affected if at all.


So when deciding deconstruction vs. demolition, remember its not always a bottom line decision. Work with a builder that at least gives you a choice. Deconstruction can be something that adds a little extra homeowner pride to your new home.


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