The most personal room the house, its difficult to highlight what we have designed and built in the past that would match your style exactly.  We’ve seen it all, so it’s better just to shoot off a list of things we like to design and build in bedrooms so here goes:  vaulted ceilings, interesting light fixtures, no direct lines of sights to the bathrooms, Floor to ceiling windows, fireplaces, reading areas, make up areas, hidden closets, open closets, wall niches, big walls for artwork and headboards, integrated laundry in the closet, dungeons - just kidding (but we will build it for you). Is your imagination going wild?  Here’s a small sample of bedrooms we have designed and built.

bedroom with a view

open walk in closet

extra wide hallway

full custom closet

custom cabinetry

simple elegant hallway

cozy sitting area in bedroom

master bedroom

small windows above nightstands

basement bedroom with walkout

floor to ceiling windows

loft area off hallway

gallery hallway

barn door recessed closet

bedroom fireplace

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

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