How Much Does it cost to Build a home in Western Canada?

If you have been searching for your dream home for a while, you may be coming to the conclusion that to have exactly what you need for you and your family, you may have to build it yourself. The first question prospective homeowners ask is, how much will it cost to build a house? The answer is often more complicated than they initially believe, in part because of all that goes into home-building and the vast array of paths and choices to build a home.  


Based on our experience, the average cost to build a custom home comes in between $240 to $800+ per square foot. This will obviously a vary wide gap with many facets involved, so it is important to define specifications and understand what it costs to meet the permitting and code requirements vs just pricing out different finishing options.  While are ton of resources online to read, nothing beats speaking with an experienced builder and we are always happy to talk more about costs with you. 


Planning and Soft costs


Custom construction has numerous advantages, including unlimited control and customization, the appeal is obvious. Unfortunately, custom builds are often more expensive than spec and may take longer in terms of overall planning, design and construction time. The services of a architect can be quite costly, ranging between 5 percent and 15 percent of construction costs for a new home.


After you have determined all your soft costs, including financing and lot purchase, consider the other numerous factors that influence the final cost of your home. Many of them involve customization while others are expenditures more closely related to the basic construction costs.


Size isn't the only factor: Its obvious that a smaller home will cost less that a bigger home but there are a lot of complications that can affect the basic size.  Are there any areas of the home that re open to floors below, how high are the ceilings? where are the staircases laid out? What type of system will heat the home?  All of theses factor into the price regardless of the  the square footage.


Number off finished levels: Creating additional stories, including basements and attic spaces, can increase the building costs, especially if these areas are finished instead of roughed in to the structure. This includes finishing the basement.


Shape of the structure: For custom builds especially, the more corners a house has, the more it will ultimately cost.


Style of Roof: Flat roofs, complex roof designs require more resources from the home-building budget than more typical types, like asphalt shingles. This is an area where durability should trump other concerns.


Fixtures/Finishes: The grade of plumbing and lighting fixtures, including standard, luxury or custom, can impact the cost of a home.  


Big Appliances: We like to ask our clients what appliances they want to have first, it sets expectations for the budgeting of the kitchenm, which is the most costly room in the house.  You may want to consider the cost of your appliances as a starting point.  Pick the size, features and manufacturer, a built-in Sub Zero refrigerator can costs over $10,000 for instance. 


Cool Features: Many people dream of having a Theatre room or Library in thier home. However, these features are among the most costly to add, you may want to outline a list of requirements for these areas in home so you know the costs structures up front. 


Altogether, creating the perfect home is an expensive endeavor. Nevertheless, at the end of the construction project, few new homeowners will ever say that the cost was not worth it.


How much will your project cost?


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