View glass has told us that they work directly with the glazer, which means we can implement View Glass into any window frame from other suppliers, including retrofitting existing window frames. So if by chance you are looking to replace your windows, perhaps you should have a look at the next generation of windows.

ready for smart windows?

At ESTATA we are always eager to see new technologies enter into the home construction marketplace.  We are always looking for whatever is most innovative, clever and beautiful to give our homes a little extra wow factor.  Last week, we met with View Glass and boy were we ever impressed.  The technology is polished, backed by some industry giants that will ensure it is here to stay. 


How it works:


















View glass offers custom homes a new feature we can integrate into residential homes alongside the the growing number of energy saving tools and smart features that a custom home can have.  According to View Glass, controlling the windows makes up large portion of your total energy savings and should be implemented alongside lighting, cooling and heating.  

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