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Design Trends: retro modern

You’ve probably heard the saying “everything old is new again.” The same can be said about interior design trends.  The retro modern design trend is in full trend this summer.


What is retro modern?


Modern retro gets its name from a style that’s very throwback, but not too far back. This style uses hints of design patterns from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s as a basis for projects but incorporates cues from our modern digital era.  For instance check out the wire frame pendant lamps we used in our model kitchen that resembles and early 1990's computer graphic.  The style is upbeat, bright, simple, and geeky chic.




















The pendants reflect a tech theme of old computer graphics. The backsplash basic subway tile but arranged in a herringbone pattern to give it a classic yet pixelated effect. 





















The nice thing about modern retro is that it comes with a certain sense of nostalgia and provides an immediate connection between the design and the homeowner.  The modern aspect is  Even without particular brands or icons, modern retro styles should make users say “I remember that.” Most of the designs focus on fun, so that they feel light, easy and have an almost child/early teen flair to them.  Check out the old dresser we turned into a bathroom vanity.



















Flat elements, from curved lines to straight lines, modern retro does not use a lot of extras and is somewhat reminiscent of flat 2D graphic design.  Clean abstract illustrations like our giant octopus print adds warmth and whimsy.

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